#PowerUPWomen: Networking Hacks From Gina Bianchini

power up hashtag cards (4)

In my book Power UP: How Smart Women Win in the New Economy, I feature 27 incredible women business leaders, who I like to call the #PowerUPWomen. Their tenacity, intelligence, hard work, and drive have made them some of the most powerful women I’ve ever met.

Gina Bianchini is one of those 27 #PowerUPWomen. She is the founder of Mighty Networks, a company that allows individuals to create their own social networks for their fans and followers. Before that, Gina cofounded Ning, a pioneer of the custom social media realm, allowing users to create their own niche networks. Ning eventually grew to 90 million users across 3 million social networks. Basically, Gina has been a social media power player since the beginning.  

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